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23 September 2021

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Projects Gallery
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2005 City of Angels
2005 Recognition in Cracow

   curtains and garlands

light curtains

Light curtains are used to decorate:
 - buildings
 - trees
 - big interiors
We offer you the curtains in different colours, sizes and technologies:
 - width of curtains from 1,5 to 9m.
 - flex in white or green
 - standard bulb or LED bulb

PCV flex, rubber, caoutchouc (depends on use)
colour of bulb: white, blue, yellow, red

decorations, light curtains

decorations, light curtains, trees
light decorations light decorations


light on tree light decorations
bulb garlands light decorations
bulb garlands
The bulb garlands are irreplaceable in creating amazing christmas decorations visible from long distance. 
They are usually used to decorate big christmas trees but can be used also to light up the facade, portals and buildings.

rope light                        The rope light is mainly used to highlight the architecture of the buildings and to set them the character. It is also used to highlight the stairs and banisters in interior decorations.

light rope light rope
light rope light rope on building
led decoration light angel
light angel led decoration
LED decorations
We present the new on Polish market, high-quality LED light. This kind of decoration is becoming more and more popular especially because of the very effective emission of the light and its durability. 
Our offer of LED light contains curtains and garlands.

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