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23 September 2021

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Projects Gallery
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2005 City of Angels
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Light Fountains, Light Angels, Christmas decorations, Iluminations, AMR CAMPANIA

      Light fountains

          Last year along with the others we had an honour to design Christmas decoration for Magical Cracow where the ghosts of history inspire the creativity and novel solutions.

   We have decorated cities and towns for the last years. Thanks to our  
   experience and creativity we became one of the most trustworthy 
   companies on the market. 

   We always try to understand and to meet our clients' needs,we want                  to make each project original and unusual. That's why we offer you:

   - Christmas decorations made from high quality materials
   - professional service and assistance
   - possibility of installation, repair and renovation of decoration
   - guarantee for decorations
   - guarantee service

 Our offer contains:

  - decoration elements,
  - decorations made for individual clients,
  - light curtains, 
  - different types of garlands,
  - rope light and accessories

 Rzeźby Świetlne, Anioły Świetlne, Fontanny Świetlne, Dekoracje Świąteczne, Dekoracje Świetlne, Iluminacje, dekoracje słupowe i elewacyjne, AMR CAMPANIA  Rzeźby Świetlne, Anioły Świetlne, Fontanny Świetlne, Dekoracje Świąteczne, Dekoracje Świetlne, Iluminacje, dekoracje słupowe i elewacyjne, AMR CAMPANIA

  All the decorations in our offer are manufactured according to high European standards. 
  The high quality is also ensured by the cooperation with the best  suppliers. The decorations are manufactured to withstand the outdoor weather conditions.

   LED Decorations !!!    Lighting hoses
 - Strong light obtained thanks to high quality 3.000 mcd LEDs.
 - Long-lived 
 - Low electricity usage
 - UV resistance
 - Environmentally friendly
 - High durability 
 - Easy to install
  -  Compatibility, possible joining segments in sections 
  -  High quality of lightening, different 
     lenght of flex and light points
     with the convertible segments 
  -  LED version availabe

   Bulb garlands    Light Curtains
 -  Bulbs E27
 -  Bulbs Flash Light
 -  Bulbs Flash Light LED
 -  Compatibility, possible 
     joining segments in sections
 -   high quality of lightening
 -   different sizes
 -   LED light curtains

   Pole mounted and elements for buildings    Light sculptures and fountains
  - Pole mounted and elements for buildings are made from rope light on the aluminium construction

 -  The high esthetic quality is    guaranteed by the LED light  
  - We are ready to meet your individual needs





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